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One of the most challenging issues in a divorce is that of child support. Naturally, a parent’s stress levels will rise when finances are discussed. Sometimes, this tension is communicated to the children, adding to their own stress levels. The entire matter can become a vicious cycle if not stopped. At the Law Offices of Manuel Fajardo, you can find the caring, skilled, and experienced representation that you deserve. Our bilingual Tampa child support lawyer can discuss your options with you in Spanish or English.

What can you expect from your child support case? Some divorcing couples are able to determine the terms of child support together, while many others will find it necessary to turn to the courts to have a judge make the decision. Whatever type of child support issues you face, we truly care about you and your family. We are ready to guide you through every legal complexity.

What factors determine child support in Florida?

The court sets the child support amount by using a formula that takes into account the number of children in the house and the net income of each parent. Either parent can be ordered to make child support payments.

Some of the factors figured into the child support formula include:

  • Salary/wage of each parent
  • Bonuses, commissions, allowances, tips
  • All workers compensation, social security, disability benefits
  • Interest and dividends

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Need to determine visitation rights (time-sharing) or the terms of child custody (parental custody)? Are you involved in a paternity case? At our Tampa firm, we help families throughout Western Florida to resolve their cases as efficiently and amicably as possible.

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