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Looking Out for Fathers' Rights

In the past, women were generally given more generous treatment by the courts when it came to divorce cases. They may be granted greater privileges in spousal support or custody of their children. The changing times have also called for a change in the way division is awarded in divorce cases. Since social times are evolving, what is considered normal has also taken on a new meaning. Typically women were stay at home wives and mothers. They took care of the house and children while the dad was off at work.

The courts would look out for the mother since she had stayed at home she would generally not possess the same working skills as the father. If she was faced with divorce she may not be able to provide for herself in the way her husband had been providing for her. The courts would grant spousal support in many cases to protect the women from facing financial hardship. Now society is witnessing a reversal in roles, with many cases of the wives going off to work while the husband runs the household. To cater to this, courts are being forced to give greater consideration to the fathers' rights. Rather than looking to the old way in which things were done, they are using the times to determine how assets and custody should be divided up.

A greater number of men are seeking to avoid paying spousal support to their wives since they may have either had the same income or their wife actually made a greater income than they did. Some are men are even seeking spousal support themselves or more rights in child custody since they may have been stay at home fathers dependent on their wives. Defense should be taken in cases such as these to avoid unfair verdicts that are based on old standards rather than the cultural trends of today. A Tampa divorce lawyer will aggressively argue your case to that you are granted a fair verdict in your case. Contact a Tampa fathers' rights attorney from the firm to defend you.