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Why You Should Modify Your Court Order

After a divorce, the terms that were set at the time of the marriage's end can still have a large influence on your life. It may regulate how often you see your children, if you are ordered to make payments to a spouse or if you are being paid child support while caring for your children. Many people find that the situation that was present during the divorce is no longer the case. You may be following orders for circumstances that no longer exist.

Some couples choose to make a change together and they use each other's oral agreement as enough proof. This will not stand up in court and the change must be done legally. Even if your spouse has said they agree, they may change their mind later and you leave yourself open to ramifications from the court. A spouse could seek enforcement of orders and this can also leave you with unfortunate costs. The order is from the court so any changes to it must be done with them. This protects you and provides greater certainty for the changes.

Changes may be necessary in different scenarios. An adjustment can be sought by both parties and this may be in regards to visitation rights, child custody, spousal support and child support. It may be to lower or increase payments, as well as gaining more or less custodial rights with a child. It is best to speak with a professional quickly about the situation. Some circumstances can need to be changed more immediately, such as lowering spousal support payments after the loss of a job. If this is not done soon then it can end up costing money you don't have. Speak with a Tampa divorce lawyer from our firm through a free consultation today about your divorce law needs.