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Sperm Donor Expected to Provide Child Support

A Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is now being forced to provide child support for their three year old daughter. According to the Huffington Post, W.M. answered an ad for a sperm donor on Craigslist from A.B. and J.S. Before he donated his sperm, they all signed an agreement that relieved him of any paternal responsibilities, financial or otherwise.

Problems arose after the couple split and A.B., formerly the primary provider, became ill and couldn't work anymore. To get health insurance for their daughter, the couple filed with the state. The state in turn demanded that the sperm donor provide child support because he was legally responsible in the state of Kansas. He and the couple had not gone through a doctor to handle the artificial insemination so the state did not recognize the agreement that had absolved him of paternity. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled in the case of K.M.H in 2007 that unless a sperm donor worked with a licensed physician, he could be considered the father. The law was enacted as an incentive for donors and mothers to work through a doctor.

Though many say that the law seems clear, W.M. is requesting that the case be dismissed. The spokeswoman for the Kansas Department of Children and Families says that it is state routine to check for the child's paternity to see if he can provide child support. This is to lessen taxpayer's involvement. At least 10 other states also have requirements for sperm donors to work with doctors. If you find yourself seeking child support or being unlawfully pursued for child support, then you need to contact a Tampa family law attorney from the Law Offices of Manuel Fajardo. Their legal team can provide the effective legal strategies necessary to protect your rights.