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Who Gets the Children?

In a divorce case there will be many important decisions that need to be addressed and one of the most important of these will be in regards to how the custody will be divided between the two parents. The main thing that is used to determine this decision is what seems to be in the best interests of the children? Does one parent have more of a bond with the child? Are they more stable and can offer a loving home that would allow the child to flourish.

The court will inspect both parents during the decision process, from their financial means to how close they were with the child before the divorce. Many times the court wants for both parents to be involved in the life of the child if this is in some way possible. If they can work together and they are both found to be fit for the position of parenting, then custody may be shared.

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This is referred to as "time sharing" and a parent plan may need to be developed if the couple is going to work together. If it appears that one parent can offer a better home and the other parent seems to be unable to give the child what they need at the time, then one parent may gain sole parental responsibility while the other may be given visitation rights.

The terms for custody differ in Florida and care of the child is referred to as primary residence and parental responsibility. The parent with the responsibility will be in charge of making the decisions, such as education, religion, medical and more. The primary residence will include the main parent the child lives with. Find out more about the forms of custody by contacting our firm for a free consultation with a Tampa divorce lawyer.