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Courts have historically favored the mother when resolving the matters of child custody, financial support, and visitation rights in a divorce, mirroring the family model of the time where the man provided the majority of the household income and the woman was a stay-at-home mother and homemaker. Society has changed significantly in recent decades, and shared custody is awarded in increasing numbers of cases. The father is also less often expected to pay large amounts in spousal support and child support.

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Protecting the Rights of Fathers in Tampa Child Custody Matters

Fathers have the legal right to play a role in the upbringing of their child, but must be considered fit to provide care in terms of financial security, stability, emotional support and others. Fathers are also tasked with the duties and responsibilities that come with children such as child support and the expectation of proper care. A Tampa child custody attorney can provide valuable insight into your rights as a father, and will represent your case as effectively as possible.

While it may be little-recognized, fathers and mothers have the same rights concerning their children under the law. In truth, the court considers a wide range of factors before making decisions about the child's well-being. While some of these areas may prove an advantage to the mother, there are also areas that may be more helpful to the father. It is important to understand your rights in any child custody or visitation scenario in order to take the best possible action in the best interest of your children.

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While the biased trend in family courts has changed, it is still common for a father to be given a secondary role in his children's lives, and many men are required to make higher payments in support than is fair. You need a skilled attorney to assert your rights. An aggressive Tampa family lawyer from our firm has 20+ years’ family law experience to help you see to it that your rights as a father are recognized in your divorce or family law settlement, and in any modifications of a court order in the years to come.

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